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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 24, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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among you guys, just how quickly you act. >> and at what level. >> we agree more than you think. neil: thank you, all. that'll do it here. be safe, everyone. >>the willis report" is coming up next. thanks for watching.g. gerri: hello, i am gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report." as homeowner claims rise and natural disasters mount, insurance companies are becoming stingier with payouts. also, getting the best deal when you buy a used car. and your medical privacy. we have you covered tonight on "the willis report." our top story tonight is insurance companies becoming stingier with payouts.
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as residents pick up from the tornado this week in oklahoma, insurance experts warning that payouts will be smaller than recent years. with more of the costeing shifted onto homeowners, this is and is happeningn oklahoma, it is a tre all over the coutry. the news couldn't come at a worse time this year's hurricaneeason will be very ative and it is just getting underway. the u.s. is expeted t have its fifth maj hurricane ts year. with us now is chip merlin. we have these victims of a horrific torno. this really strong ef5 tornado. now, the residents are being told that ttey will get a small payout. >> first of al the deductibles haveeen going up much more frequently than hs happened in
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the past. policies are being rewritten. there is less coverage. it is a problem not just for homeowners and businesses as ll. gerri: i sign my policy, i am payingy deductibs i am doing everything am supposed to do how is it they can ratct the money on getting? >> i think it depends on the adviser that you have.
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there are inrance companies coming back that are less rest inevitable. if you have a good advisor through the proess and yu have a go company, you're going to have a good and clean settlement. gerri: i've been covering this kind of thing for about seven years now starting way back with a huicane in new orleans. i have seen more people who are unhappy with their settlements. then i see peoplwho are hapy. there's something there is something wrong with the system. what isit? >> well, i think that this statistics are misleading. >> is national flood does an audit and they find that there has been overpayment the field adjusters are going to have to repay the national flood. so you know which way the payment is going and that is down. there are people that have delayed payments, deny payments, very few people have bee made whole. unfortunately in oklahoma.
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rri: with a hurricane you have wind and rain and multiple problems that go on this should go like clockwork and be smooth. >> i'm certainly going to have problems. the private companies that are to write insurance there.
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the risks are so high. checking out the graphic about storms taking a toll on howmuch money these insurance companies are facing. th is insured losses. all u have to do is lookat the chart here. it is ahuge spike in companie are having to cover this. what do you tl people who feel like i'm not being made whole here. do you negotiate, do you document, what is the right answer imax. >> well, the right answer is get the right insurance company, the right insurance if you can. then try to mitigate and get your home and bunesses protected. and you have less severe disaster if you take up proper preparations. gerri: you mentioned that
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deductibles have been going up. here's what the oklahoma insurance catastrop tax court had to say. >> i know that you're going to hire an agent th you like. gerri: give me what i'm looking at. what am i looking for in a policy. >> you definitely want to nd a policy that is very comprehensive. a homeowners policy is not a commity. unfortunately it is not ahome maintenance polcy. we want to have asafe home you
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have to take a little bit of a lower risk herriot. gerri: what do you do toake sure that they get the catastrophic coverage that they need? >> get the most radical agency and spent a lot of time get the adjuster. get a professional to help you. regular ones are few and far between. catastrophe happens. gerri: documenting yourlosses, a lot of people don't know to do this thank you for coming on tonight. it s so great to see you guys.
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thank you so much. >> thank you. now we want to know what you think. here's a queetion tonight. do insurance companies shortchange consumer. >> log onto, but on the right-hand side of the screen and i will share the results at the end of the show listen to this one, my frieds. if you are feeling shortchanged, some are feeling shortchanged by obamacare. one of the biggest supporters of having buyers remorse. more and more labor unions are ming out publicly against president obama's signature law. with more on this we have brady graham, a former adviser to presidentnt george w. bush. is this the irony of ironies out there? >> they figured out what is in it, and nowhey want out of it.
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like three dozen other businesses, but they are for they are now agast and they want to opt out of it. >> we have seen not over and over again. you know, it is good enough for you.u. let's get back to this issue of the unions. what they are doing is they are for obamacare if they are helpless low income workers. so we will go alonwith you if you ve us an advantage. please keep in mind that unions have gotten all kinds of ways -- they don't have to participate in some things. they have been eliminated from others. theyave sweetheart deals when they come to obamacare. but finally th administration is saying now. what do you make of that? obamacare is not popular today as it was en it was ssed. if you carve out exceptions for the union, you make it even mo
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unpopular. now you have 20 million workers that thse part-time and seasonal workers want to carve out. the unionpolicies are turning to the nixon saying, what are we paying you for? they're all about leveragg control. they want to, it's about time that the obama administration says no to the union's. >> what is interesting here is that does them at a disadvantage. it disadvantages everyone. because they realize that one of the few things they have to offer, potential new workers, part of his sweetheart health care deal. no one can afford it. >> that is right. the union workers go out to he marketace and the drought the exchanges, that is what they will do. moreimportantly,these part-time and seasonal wkers, maybe the employers themselves will dropthem. and then the unions are left holding him or talking union
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workers. can you imagine i? dropping the major coverage for union workers. gerri: brad, i guess all things come around. thank you for coming on tonight, it is go to you. well, we have more to come tonight. a lot more including illegal debate stemming from a tragedy. is the pittsburgh zoo is possible for the death of a toddler? and we answer the question how do you do that? should your car be new or used
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is here to give us insight. welcome backo the hell. it is interesting to me. i cannot believe how much cars cost this day. in such a short timeframe, what u now pay for a ca used to pay a house. is it a good time now to buy a used car? >> you know, it is. both new and used car pricing remained very strog. the average car is goingo set you back 30,000 dollars and they use one will be about $21,000. what a dealer can tell you that over the last couple of years we have seen the strongest us car marke we have seen over the last or 20 years. it is part of the economy, it is tied to the fact that there has been a used car upply shortage, which is part of the significant cutback. used car prices are down about 2%. and now is a better time.
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gerri: is it expected t ge better? have you noticed? >> the best car prices are going to be towards the latter part of the summer months. gerri: let's talk a about the cs that you think are a good deal used. starting with the hondaaccord lx. >> they just released a brand-new accord, setting the filter is on fire right now. they are looking for a great sale. a 2010 model is when he set you back about $15,000 overall. which is about $10,000 cheaper than a brand-new model. with any honda, thi thing is going to run for 150,000 miles pretty easily. a great deal for someone looking for a used car. gerri: let'salk about the
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nissan murano. >> a brand-new murano can set you back about drty $5000 depending on the configurion. 2010 model is $35,000 from a 10 to $15,000 savings. about $20,000 for a 2010 user model. that is about a thousand dollars cheaper. a great deal if you need more space. >> we have a tweet from somebody who articulatedhe view that i3 know i hae. he says that i will never buy a new car, though i can well afford it. the cost of this is way too much. by a 2-year-old car with a warranty. >> we cn did a great warranty. the car is going to last for a long time. how much othat car is valued and what goes away when you drive off the lot in a statement
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that the great philosophy to hold. as soon as you drive it off the lot, depending on the ategory, you' likely to lose anywhere from five to 15% of the value right t of the gate. luxury cars e worse than that. it is terrible. the one exception i would like to point outif you are looking for a small car likea new civic, there are exceptions that are priced good. gerri: you als say thatin some cases the difference between the price at of a used car new car is maybe 20 or 30 bucks a month. so it's not really that much when you take into consideration that it has better gas mileage, baby bre even. >>hat is exactly right. if you look at mall cars, the ford focus, especially since those models were just redesigned. those 1-year-old used models
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only when set you back about $20 per month, versus buying new car. the financing is better on the new car, especially wwen you consider fuel economy as he pointed out. oftentimes the new car is going to be barely more expensive. it might be about breaking evn after fuel savings. >> what great analysis. thank you for coming on today. >> thank you for having me on. have a great holiday weekend. it is time for a look at sories on fox the s&p 500 along withthe other major indexes posted their first native week since mid april. the last few days i've read have been lingering concern and that that is scaling back stimulus efforts. americans should find gas pices about the same as las year. the average price of gas was about $3.65 per gallon last year. prices are predicted to be lower
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after the holidays. everyone seems to want a iece of the online video provider hulu. silverlake management mae a separate bed, as did directv and guggenheim digital media. in a wedding dress for under $100. think about that. target is launching a new line of bridal gns under $130. much cheaper than the average $1200. already has for wedding dresses, 10 bridesmaids dresses and some for your flower girl. those are the hot stories on fox later in the show, a wrapup of our privacy special. will tell you how to keep your personal data safe from the doctor's office, pharmacy, and online. every parent's worst nightmare, a trip to the zoo ending in tragedy as a lite boy as mauled to death.
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get your first prescptn free and save on refills at gerri: com
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gerri: personal responsibility. a family is suing the pittsburgh zoo after their 2-year-o son was mauled o death by african wild dogs. the toddler was in the exhibit on therailing that his mother placed them on. do the parents have a case? here to weigh-in is our fox news legal analyst.
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do they have a case? >> they absolutely do because they have been warned by others. those who said this is ngerous. other employees say this is scary and dangerous. everyday moms and dads are putting their kids up and someone is going to fall down. >>nfortunately for the parents and the child, it's a very terrible thing to happen. but the bottom line is this. you cannohave a zoo without regulations. to be in business, you he to meetll of these regulation counts. u saw e movie we bought a zoo with matt damon. gerri: were they keeping a watc were they doing anything illegal? >> there is a concept called contributory negligence. i'm for the parents contrited to this problem by putting her over the railing.
9:26 pm
>> they knew or should have known about what was going t happen. this is a tragic story. at the end of th day, the mother putthe child on t of the railing, is not partly the mother's fall? >> one is the issue of negligence or contributory negligence. the other is if you're going to take a child and put them on top of the railing,. >> even if the mother put the child up there, which she did, d it was wrong and sheshould get less money because of that, there's a safety net there. the ild was bouncing on the safety net. if the net wasn't even propey maintained. >> that is going to be an issue in the case. the bottom line is that you cannot be in business and have a
9:27 pm
few operating unless it has been inspected and the setup needs the co. gerri: what an attorney is saying is that there was a dismal abysmal emergency response. >> they saw this happening, d it was, what we do? >> this little kid fell from the railing into the snack. it was just horrible. they stood around,aying don't know what to do. that again is negligence. they shoulve known. they suld've had people responding to a tragedy like this that they could have foreseen. >> these are issues of fact. honestly, there has to be a been a mechanism to deal with all these issues and dealing with emergencies. it is a government one fcility. that means essentialessential ly that they are going to have an opportunity to take a deposition were hearing. >> why wee there no criminal charges filed? what does that tell you about this case? >> it is negligence rather than criminal acts. you can't really say -- i mean,
9:28 pm
they had no safety net, but at this point, it is a lower down statute that is negligence. >> the botom line is tht it could be like a criminal type of situation. involved. th want some $300,000. this is not going to make them whole. there's no way. money is not the answer. >> if you look at earning potential and there is a wrongful death case, who knows what it's going to be. it's very tough. i think the lawyers are deing with it on behalf of the family. >> if there's one good thing that can come out of this, they get the money, and others look around and say we might want to fix this at t zoo so other kids don't die. >> i can guarantee you that they
9:29 pm
e looking already. >> you do not nt that to happen. gerri: a tragic story. terestinconversation and a word of warning for parents out there. even if you think you are you're in a safe place, you might not be. cong up next, we are trsitioning hard. is this a cheater golf putt? thlatest move by the world of golf. and privacy ivestigation conninues. what we have learned this week and weekeed how you can protect yourself going forward are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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♪ gerri: well, i is an issue we have been talking about all wee long, your private medical data exposed. everything about you from your
9:33 pm
medical history, treatment, eve your shopping habits out there for the highest bidder. the founder of a patient's privacy righ tells us this week just how much money you're private data is gog for. >> the most valuable informatio abt shoe in the delays is anything about your mind or you body. for example, we know that socia security numbe can be bought for somewhere between $0.50 and $5 apiece, but anything about your health information goes fo sale ona scale of $14 to $55. some people want to use the information to sell products. that is one thing. the far more dangerous problem is the use of this information by employers, banks, insurers, and others who can mak decisions about us that will be humble to our jobs or futures.
9:34 pm
gerri: such an extensive method of tracking people for affirmation it figured out a teenage girl was pregnant befor her own faer even knew. >>f he's a target to but our credit card or i you open a target e-mail and bring that into the store, they try an track to you are am what you have bought in the past and techer because they want to know things like who is pregnan and in one case a father came into a store and talked to the manager and said, i'd understan what is going on. you're sending my daughter of and baby stuff.r cribs and she's 18 years old. are you trying to encourage fair ? the manager was so apologetic. look, i'm sorry. i don't know what is happening. so embarrassed a couple of days i recall the said i want to apologize. a dad says, have become rescission with my daughter and it turns out to residents and activities we're not aware of i my household and she is due in august. gerri: can you imagine.
9:35 pm
of course insurers are jumping in the action. monitoringour credit cards to see if you are staying healthy. >> all oer member naon we are giving them voluntarily by signing up for things like corpate wellness programs where they will check things like how many steps you will taken today and how often you'r going to the gym and they will put these monitors on your wrists to track the information. gerri: dangeus, even deadly consequences arrive when thieve access to medical information. obamacare poised to digitize and medical records is only escalating destroying problematical identity theft. the director of the world privacy form tells us just how dangerous it is to storeeyour medical a information online. and there cofounder offered tip to keep your private aberration private. >> when you have additional medical file it is something that can be stolen.
9:36 pm
it is like walking out of a hospital with assfew files. what they want to do is embarrass that e people and crte fake bills for them that they can just like the money in this way they can make millions of dollars. the average game is $2 million up to one uermanned. >> even nastie insurance company, health insurance company for copy of the medical records. >> the activities of your accounts. you can see if everything check out as havelready gone and add all those procedures done.
9:37 pm
let's g your cret report, make sure all the cows that are open. gerri: continue a.m. the case. private data next week. an extra sho resist studies his step by medical data on line . looking at the business of limousines. why thin it will stop cheatersand keep the game of schoolhich is a positive next. thk you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future...
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gerri: golf traditional rejoice. this week both the united state golf association and the royal and agent to golf club agreed t have a ban against anchoring th putter, what i call that teache mother. to most of us it was an obvious decision, but it is not without blood back. here to weigh and, a former tou pro and my instructor , a fantastic. i want to have a conversation about these, and i want you to show was, for example, how thes guys do it now the experts are sang that would be cheating. >> a couple of ways they are using it. the most prolific and one that we sizes to couple of weeks ago was the anchors it agast his chest, his sternum. his forrm stay close endangered, and this is stagnan and he simply instructs the bal
9:42 pm
and a natural pendulum, but -- gerri: here's the thing, if you're ranked rant against her natural body, is in that cheating? >> that is a stance that the fb -- that we are taking. looking at the stance that they now 20 years aftehave been on the market and players have bee using them are saying, this is not adhering to the challenge of the game, that it should be a free-flowing. gerri: exactly. should be up ainst seven that is stable or not moving however, i have to say, th is my view for the pros. if you're like me, out there on the weekend, hitting the ball around, i could care less. >> and i think as lpga member, you know, we want people to enjoy the game. the really have to worry about this rule coming into affect on your everyday golf game? no. will your club and here to that rule?
9:43 pm
they made. i don't think that the average golfer will have to worry too much about it. gerri: numerous prices. so i don't even know how to hol . >> tt would be the belly putter. both hands on the club. either that way or you can do i your traditional either way, bu right into your belly, literally , and you just kind of lethe arms move a little bit. that way it is creating a very natural pendulum with a very static arm that is not moving. gerri: i findthem sort of unwieldy. >> they are little different. now, i used the belly putter fo a little while and found it would help me roll the ball well . interestingly, lead simpson who won the u.s. open with a belly putter stated help h with his distance control, but interestingly none of the guys that have been winning with his putter stattically cartop
9:44 pm
letters on to work. gerri: that is what you said, which makes me shocked. >> we had the debate saying, let's look this up. the best one on toward, number 19, ernie els, the next one is numberr32, jim clark. gerri: two is the best? >> tiger woods right now. but adams got wind from in the the hundreds down to the 60's. so, you know, are they getting great advantage because they wo a major and are not moving of the ranks and putting? we could have decided that was the opposite. maybe it just shows that ty're gulls striking is grt because they put it well for the majors but until we see a greater percentage, i guess, really tipping the statistics i am not
9:45 pm
sure there is a greate vantage. i think it is allowed the putte who is -- one that lacks confidence, it gave themsome confidence. gerri: it is all about what is between your ears. if you are nervous, if you cannot control your emotions, that is what screws up. >> and that has been the other debate. i want these guys to feel the real nurseof being on the 18 th hole and a major, having tough ffee flow of putting stroke. i can tel you. i have had this up until my belly in the tournament. i was still shaky. i am not sure. gerri: the stock about that. you were on tour, my friend. you know this. erything st working in a 66 %.
9:46 pm
you're up and down. you have to be a good putter. if this helps people putt well, so bet. gerri: you have opened my mind. i was a negative person, but no on not. thank you for coming on great to have you here. thank you jiggles mess. a big designer business. stay with us. e ocit's as simple. at bny mellon, our business is investments.
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managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us sce and insight no one else has. investment management combined with investment servicg. and that gives us sce and insight no one else has. bringing the power of investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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gerri: coming up next, hygiene manufacturing facility
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♪ gerri: i am here in new york city in the workshopfor making custom-fitted jeans here with scott morrison. the owner and entrepreneur. you work for every major design house. >> i started when i was 26. i came up for, at teeseven came up with a concept.
9:51 pm
that was great. a couple of shops here in new york really out that all proces came the flavor of love. was basically near which brics. gerri: this is old-fashioned. one we have 78 to 80 different, constantly rotating them. >> pick through the different fabrics. offer three types of services. the first level where the numbe
9:52 pm
of it's not the buttons and the vets. gerri: of business where people underprice see every single day. patty compete with that? >> we tried to impede on the idea that will make that most successful. restart with like anything else privatization. we tried said create the ce the never get anywhere ee and quite frankly is startsshere an shop. the movie went to the back.
9:53 pm
gerri: i want to see the workshop. the actual place for the genes are made. >> three years ago this could have never been changed. al doing whenever they're doing. it becomes something where people approach it the same way. for us in women's and and we're focused on a combination of mixed materials. one of the big things we're seeing is silhouettes against. we love a lot of stressed applications and mixing materials. we're also seeing trends in vintage denim come back for spring. cover shorts. womes jeans start at $195 retail. regular ready to wear jeans.
9:54 pm
that denim for men, $65 retail. then when you go into a custom-made gene you're looking at five and half to 750 depending upon the fabric and complexity. and then it's really a one time fee. so that process starts at 1200. anetime charge. basically we make a pattern for you, gitize the pattern and keep it on filso when you want to order something custom-made instead of our faiths you would order your own personal pattern. gerri: hopefully you don't gain any weight. >> cells that issue. a couple of different versions. washed black, one reims. this is the one rents which is jus washed once. external wash.
9:55 pm
and then a vintage garment for women. all this fabric, this is probably one of my forites. gerri: i want to try it. >> us do it. gerri: i will try thesen. the jeans look great. boss and jeans. thank you so much. >> my ppeasure. thk you for coming in. it. gerri: made right here in the u.s. we will be right back with the answer our question of the day. shortchange consumers. my $0.2 more on your medical privacy and we have learned fro our week-long series of what is to come. don't go away. ♪ thank you orville and wilbur... ..melia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't eate the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions...
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in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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♪ gerri: filly tonight, i know out our coverage this week on medical privacy. inrmation about buses were a lot of money and companies
9:59 pm
wanted and are paying billions to get it. defrters wanted to, and they are having an easier time getting it. medical records are especially vulnerable. so much of it is now electronic. the government's top officials say this week we have reached a tippg point. yestery that government cited hundreds of companies forosing health records. so this week we told you stories of the minneapolis area that you found that his daughte was prnant after a target started sending promotions for baby clothes to their house. do something to protect yourself . we will talk more about that in the days and weeks ahead. in the meantime, more private some rights notices, you can us these to prevent companies from sharing, that is what th college, were, in truth, sellin your permission. that is my "2 cents more". coming up monday, our howdy you do that our from six to nine eastern. we answer all your pressing quesons.
10:00 pm
that's it for tonight on "the willis report". thank you for joining us. have a great holiday weekend. ♪ ♪ lou: hello, everybody, and than you for being with us. these people are swearing to tell the truth in front of the house oversight committee, although not many americans are expected to believe them, and this wom, lerner, the woman at the center of the ira scandal did the unthinkable for a supposedly public servants. >> i have been advised by my counsel to assert my constitutional right not to testify or answer qutions related to the sbject matter of this hearing lou: lerner took the fifth and fuse to answer questions after pleading her case for a series of denials and deflections abou the lawfulness of her actions.


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